This is your opportunity to share with visitors to your site (current members, permit buyers and prospects) information about your club.  Make sure your text has a call to action to engage people to become active members with your club.

Some items you may wish to include: 
  • history 
  • about the trail network (key points of interest) 
  • value of becoming a member (welcoming, events, family oriented) 
  • leadership 
  • successes over the years 
  • anything noteworthy and of interest to the audience 

We recommend you spend some time drafting out everything you want to say, then refining and modifying the key points into a short, succinct and captivating story that will draw people to learn more about your club. 

Important Note: Try and avoid focusing on volunteer needs on this section of your website. The development of volunteers is organic and should take place once people have expressed more of an interest and have officially become members of your club. 

Things to Consider:
  • Will you narrate in first or third person? 
  • Why would anybody want to join your club? 
  • What's in it for them? 
  • Are new members welcome? 
  • If you had to pitch your club, the trails and the experience in 30 seconds or less, what would you say? Jot it down and start from there. 
The goal of your site is to attract snowmobilers to your club and for them to ultimately become members, keep this in mind during every step of building your site and you're golden!